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Cohabitation Agreements


Many couples might own a property together but they might not be married.

Cohabitation Agreements are becoming more popular because they are a good way of protecting your interest in the property if the relationship ever breaks down. Without one in place leaves uncertainty about what will happen to property and finances if the relationship ever breaks down. It can be drafted to protect your children’s interests as well. We take your instructions over the telephone and then carefully draft the agreement. We send you a draft copy within 7 days so that you can sign it and return it to us for finalisation.

Our friendly solicitors are experts in drawing up consent orders that are tailor made to suit your needs. We listen to you and ensure that the agreement drafted leaves your mind rest assured so that you can enjoy your relationship without having the nagging worry about what if….

Our specialist solicitors can help you to draw up a Cohabitation Agreement today.